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closet cravings

By 12/07/2018
1 - jumpsuit madewell // 2 - heart earrings Rebecca de ravenel // 3 - black dress shopbop // 4 - cable-knit sweater jcrew // 5 - floral pants h&m // 6 - Valentino clutch nordstrom // 7 - boots shopbop // 8 - metallic skirt goop // 9 - jeans madewell // 10 - blouse free people // 11 - sweater dress asos

Mexico - playa del carmen and Tulum

By 12/06/2018
it's been a doozy of a week with the giveaway goings on, and we're in nyc setting up the new apartment. it has come to my attention that I have many things to speak of with you, so let's talk thanksgiving in mexico, and judge my times according to my iphone pics.
before we get to Mexico - two quick notes about Venice, ca.  we had a wedding in Southern California before we headed south, and stopped in Venice for a couple of nights.  dinner at mtn was one of the very best meals I've had in a long time.  the charred Japanese sweet potato I decreed THE TASTE OF FALL 2018.  also, we stayed in a very cute airbnb that I'd recommend.  great location and so perfectly Californian.  little things, like the penny tile in the shower and the way the light hit the concrete floors inspired me for projects I'm currently working on.
ok - let's go to Mexico.  so tad and I have been to playa del carmen a few times now, particularly at thanksgiving, because his sister lives there.  while it's an odd little town because it's super-touristy (the cruise ships drop off there), there are some amazing gems, and plenty to do and see for a few days.  we have a few restaurants we love - the cuisine  in playa is surprisingly diverse, and more than a few of the restaurants are thoughtfully decorated and really well done.
I love wandering down the Main Street - la Quinta Avenida and taking in all the amazing colors.  the tourist trap souvenir shops are chock full of amazing tchotchkes in rainbow colors.  even the most ubiquitous items, like the woven fans, the velvet sombreros and the dia de los muertos skulls thrill me.  also, there's a beautiful, pristine peaceful Zara at the end of the playa and I go daily, taking the store in quadrants of discovery.  today, its back left, tomorrow, the bohemian section of tassels, and the next day, sparkly dresses in the corner.  (clearly I like to establish routines wherever I end up)

after a couple of days of eating, catching up on sleep, and wandering about for inspiration, we head to Tulum.  tad's sister drives us down - it's about 40 minutes south of playa del carmen.  this is the second time we've stayed at ahau, and we're happy there.  it's got a good little vibe, it's right in the middle of the jungle strip of happenings and doings, the food is good, and their are dogs abundant.  oh, and the people watching is EVERYTHING.   this is our little beach bungalow for the week.  what. a. view.  
on the reg: right across the street from Tulum is casa jaguar.  hipper than hip, absolutely beautiful and chic, positioned right in the middle of the jungle, lit by candles and so very loud after midnight (it's the klerb to klerb at).  and right up the beach, a 10 minute walk on the sand, is the real coconut, the restaurant at 'eco-chic luxury resort's (i'm not saying that with a straight face) sanara Tulum.  we'd hit this up once a day in the afternoon for a smoothie and maybe a salad.  perfectly fresh and healthy, it was a feel-good way to catch up each day and find a little routine in the relaxation.  also, people watching. 

if I'm not people watching, I'm a dog ambassador for the americas.
let's elaborate on the people watching.  it's not news to you there's a lot of 'influencing' going down in Tulum-town.  check out this chick on the right.  I watched her daily photoshoots go down and then would stalk her on IG to see the finished (filtered) results.  what a time she's having!  tad would force a few pictures on me, and this is really the best I can do.  so many blessings.  on my heart.  but I this is one of the bathing suits I ordered and felt happy about, and I wore these pants from h&m (and these) every day because they embodied jungle-chic meets amish-modesty (btw - these for vacation, and then for christmas parties, right?)

my everyday essential for the beach.  I discovered this bathing suit in playa, at the cutest boutique biuriful - it's Carolina k and has the cutest little sleeves (how cute is this one?).  the mirrored sunglasses are my fave from barton Perriera, but so damn distracting if you're  talking with anyone because they're literally a mirror.  the scent is vacation vibe - just the tiniest squirt though, it's strong!  the cover-up is a scarf I always pick up at caravan in playa for like $5, and the bag was a street score as well.  this book was SO good.  it was one of the highlights of my vacation, and it might just be one I read again, like this week.  earrings are new pepper train, and I just love the color palette in her new collection.
I also got this print in the Carolina k suit - love so much.  this is where I would wear it if I was an outdoor beach club namaste girl.  instead I ate French fries and worked on my laptop.  tomato tomatoe.

shopping in Tulum is good - but the road is a real bare.  it's the only thoroughfare through the jungle, to the hotels and restaurants and it's heavily trafficked by huge construction trucks, delivery vehicles and cabs.  the pot-holes are otherworldly in size, so everyone is sort of swerving their own path.  it's dangerous and not my best life, so more often than not, we stayed put at ahau, or would walk to beach to check out new spots.  notable finds - a new hotel (next to ahau) called delek, which had the most beautiful bathroom I've ever seen in my life (outdoors, trees, concrete bath tub), and those great little wicker floor lamps.  the boutique at the spa at sanara is right on with some great easy breezy dresses and pants, and the gift shop at ahau is a little tea-spot plus a little of everything else, including a friendly cat and a very small dog that gives nose-licks freely.

this was thanksgiving lunch at delek.  legit.  good fish tacos and excellent Esquites
and a few more spots of note in Tulum - posada margarita for eating, shopping, living your very best life (it's amazing), and the upstairs bar at be Tulum - great view, so colorful, and really great pillows (seriously).
if you do venture out, and you should, there's definitely inspo to catch around every corner in Tulum.  take cabs, wear sunscreen, try to turn the inside of your head off, drink water out of coconuts, pet dogs, and read a book.  you'll be great.

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I'm giving it all away

By 12/02/2018

apparently I'm feeling oprahish -- but also i'm just trying to be grateful, so in the spirit of excited giving, i want to tell you about an extra-real-big giveaway that i've put together for my readers.  starting tonight, for the next 12 days i'm giving away so many of my favorite things, my best-loved brands and my favorite experiences.  over the last few years, i've been #soblessed to make some amazing friends, meet truly interesting, talented people, experience the most remarkable places and i want to share them with you.

to thank you for supporting me, and my business, and really, allowing me to live my life the way I do -- engaged in sharing with you guys, traveling, always discovering and making a living doing what I truly love.

so - starting tonight, at 8pm, on furbish's instagram account, i'm launching the first of 12, and i am not one bit kidding you - every single giveaway in this series is freaking legit.  you'll see.

the details - each giveaway will be posted nightly on furbish's IG at 8pm est.  you'll have 24 hours to enter, and each post will have a different set of requirements - so make sure you read the caption carefully.  i'll announce the winner on furbish's IG stories, and then the next one will go live in our feed.  you can enter all of them, as many times as you'd like, by tagging friends in the post (plus the other requirements).

Ii'm terrible at gift giving, because i always make everyone open their gifts early.  i can't wait.  this is the same - i just want to tell you it all!  but i've wrapped them all so pretty, and i'm as excited as can be to share them for the next two weeks with you.

good luck, and here's a hint for tomorrow -- it's just a few less than 6 geese a-laying.

not a lot of things, but a few of them.

By 11/30/2018

one - this feels like my next move for a bath mat.  i've been stepping out of the tub right onto the tile for three weeks now (remember operation wait for the new stylish me to appear?). then i remember, i own a store, and it has some cute things.  go get a damn rug.

two - this is a lovely idea ... displaying shells and corals in a curiosity cabinet.  would be easy to execute.  also that wallpaper never disappoints does it?

three - leopard on the bottom, chunky knit on the top.  this is it.  gotta add tights because it's cold AF already, but fine.

four - kayce hughes art, especially framed, strikes a happy little cord with me.  she's such a pleasure to work with - seriously a treat.  i totally respect her, and i really like her work.

five - i think i'd like red sconces in the bedroom - that would really be fun against the white brick walls.  isn't this shape so sweet?  it's 1million dollar units though.

six - such a charming floor lamp.  considering for kondo.  with all the modernity, and such (concrete, white box) i think a little wicker and rattan would go a long way.

seven - this vibe feels very Spanish.  maybe that's me now?  i think i'm just all Scottish, but any pig can get the right amount of lipstick.

eight - the kondo de tigre has been weighing me down.  what a project.  but we're still close, and will be friendly soon, i think

nine - mobiles. i'm calling it for 2019.  I got this one.

the real raleigh :: dana waldron

By 11/28/2018
Name Dana Waldron
Occupation Interior Designer / Mom

Who do you live with My husband, two girls and a kitty - Dan, Nell, Annie & Toonces
How long have you lived here 1 year
Where did you move from Brooklyn

Describe your style in 3 words I think it depends on the project, this house is a 1940s ranch and has gone through several updates but we’ve renovated areas to make it more contemporary and practical for our lifestyle

What do you collect Design/Architecture books
Favorite places to score finds for your home Mantiques Modern, Cafiero Select, my parent’s house '

Favorite piece of clothing right now Levis Jorts
Favorite cocktail Bourbon + Blenheims (with the red top)

What’s always in your refrigerator 5 different kinds of hot sauce
Book you're reading right now Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner (Dad recommendation)

What can you not stop thinking about What I should be doing, trying to keep up!
What’s your newest music discovery new to me “I’ll be around” by Yo La Tengo

What do you bring with you everywhere you go Tape Measure
Favorite place to buy clothes No.6, Rouje, Zara

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year Our family is happy in NC!
What’s really important to you right now My kids sleeping through the night

3 favorite things about your house The natural light, wood siding, ranch layout
What do you like to do in your home Play with kids, chill, bake

The farthest you have been from home Vienna 
Impromptu talent show - how do you win My taco tuesday spread is solid

Favorite hotel Lone Hotel in Croatia was beautiful. It’s a very modern building in the historic city of Rovinj, and the location on the coast is the best part. You can take a bike ride along the water with great views and little beach huts to stop for drinks.

Favorite song to dance to Land of 1000 dances by Wilson Picket or Boot Scootin Boogie!
Favorite restaurant Right now would be Littler in Durham

Favorite Artist Ellsworth Kelly, Sonia Delaunay, Joseph Beuys
Movie Set Design The most recent one I loved was Atomic Blonde set in the 80s, super cool

Favorite city to visit Paris
Favorite Museum Neue Gallery or Guggenheim

Best concert you've ever been to Ghostface Killah in a small NYC venue was so fun. And saw Tom Petty last summer :(
Netflix obsession The Crown

A book you've read more than once Every popular children’s book, 1000 times

Top 3 things you attribute your success to Supportive family, travel and work experience, growing up playing sports
What’s your sign Taurus

If you were a boxer, what song would you walk out to Wild Thing
You know you can always count on My husband

Dream dinner party guests Paul Rudd, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development

Color you never tire of Tissue Pink by Benjamin Moore
Go-to flower Peonies
Who would you want to play you in your biopic ha a hotter cooler version of me, Olivia Wilde
Fool proof dinner party tip Have Dan cook for you, he’s the BEST. And good music

What would be your perfect weekend Lake trip with people I love
What do you do first thing after you wake up Coffee if I wake up before the girls.

Where is the last place you traveled NYC
What did you bring back a puzzle for Nell

What smell do you love Babies
How do you unwind Wine

What do you attribute your success in business to Working for amazing Interior Designers.. I learned so much about the industry and the craft that goes into creating a space that has purpose and a lasting aesthetic.

One piece of advice you’d give an aspiring entrepreneur Stick with it, there’s so much to learn, keep going… as I’m only 1 year in with my own business HA!
Two things you love about your job It’s creative (sometimes) and something I’ve always wanted to do

Indispensable design element Craftsmanship
Dream fabric/textile Fortuny or antique textiles or really anything without synthetics is usually lovely