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baby goats!

By 2/08/2007

this weekend is "open barn" at celebrity dairy in siler city

i went last year, and it was so wonderful! there are BABY goats EVERYWHERE!! tons of them. and you can hold them!!

see this baby goat:

you can pick him up and put him in your coat - because he is cold! and he'll nuzzle there and be soooo happy!!

The Celebrity Dairy website says:

February is the peak of kidding season. The Saturday and Sunday of the weekend before Valentine's Day 12:00-5:00 PM is our spring open barn.

We'll have lots of kids by then, and chances are pretty good that more than one birth will occur that day. No matter what the weather, the action occurs in the barn, and under a roof. Come dressed for the weather. If you're hungry, we'll have food and beverages available in the Inn.