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fridays are the best days

By 2/09/2007

it's the weekend!!

brian and i will be at the beach. we're moving stuff into the "cottage" we'll have for 1 year with brian's parents (thank you peggy and bob). i say cottage because it sounds more appealing than 1 bedroom house.

we're very very stoked about having a beach house for 1 year. we do some of our best work at the beach. and by work, i mean, um... read and sit, eat cheese and drink beer.
i've been busy every night painting furniture for the house. we're going to fill up a u-haul tomorrow morning and head down... head over....to wrightsville and spend the day unpacking and arranging.
this is my exciting beach purchase:
i need a basket though. where do i get one of those?
happy weekend.

also, RIP Anna. Hope they have good drugs where ever you are....


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