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a cultural posting to celebrate chinese new year

By 2/20/2007

Lantern is my favorite restaurant.

Not only is it super delicious, but the interior is amazing.

They have this bar in the back that's all dark and swanky where they serve the tastiest cocktails.

*sidenote - I would find it difficult to be a food critic, because once you use delicious and tasty as adjectives, what do you have?

Back to lantern = cocktails = so good.
My favorite is the Dark & Stormy - Blenheim spicy ginger ale & Gosling’s dark rum.
I love anything with real giner ale.

*sidenote -- add 'good" to the list, but i doubt it counts in food critic world

Onto food.
I have a usual:
1) start with calamari salad (Crackling calamari salad with seasonal greens and lime-miso vinaigrette)
2) then fish (teamed wild striped bass with seared ginger, scallions, black beans, steamed baby bok choy and jasmine rice)
3) dessert! (Hot chocolate cake with Thai coffee ice cream)

The only time I have ever wanted to leave Lantern was two years ago when Brian took me for my birthday and Britney and Kevin's show Chaotic was premiering (on my birthday!) at 9. We had to leave... obviously.

So, I suggest that if you would like to celebrate something with me, take me to lantern. We can celebrate whatever, really. I'm flexible.

Happy Chinese New Year

oink oink!


  1. man i'm so with you on the lantern love. it's one of the things i miss the most about living in the triangles.

    happy pig year to you too. lllloving your blog. very. you've got great taste and a grrreat eye. all so nice.

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