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our refridgerator is broken

By 6/18/2007

but at least i'm home, thank jesus.
i sort of feel like i've been released from being kidnapped or something.

bonnaroo was hot. and dusty. and dirty.

good times were had, but, i feel confident saying i will not be returning next year.
dirty, dirty hippies.

yay its 95 degrees.

this is what our feet looked like after setting our campsite up.

i'm fine. i'm happy. i can deal with dirt.

brian is happy.

lily allen! still happy. {she was wasted though}

ben harper = happy

dust starting to dust about. happiness level = beginning to fluctuate. it was so dry there, each step you took stirred up a big puff of dirt and ick.

they remain happy.

now the dust is thicker, and its hard to breathe. i am getting upset because brian insists on taking pictures of me hating the dust.

trying to watch the white stripes through the dust. its not dark. its dust.

peace out bonnaroo.

for real brian, i'm leaving now.

now my fingernail has a weird bump on it. you be the judge.


  1. Lily Allen seems to be smashed at every concert- what a tart. I am jealous you got to see the White Stripes despite the dust. You looked very LA fashiony in your outfits and skully scarf. I said peace out to Bonaroo before ever going- that's how girly I am about dirt. I think that fingernail bump, though, is definitely from blogging deprivation.

  2. You look like some exotic desert nomad with your head scarf in the midst of all the dust.

  3. oh yuck. thank goodness you brought sun glasses. that would have been miserable.

  4. you would make a convincing queen of sheba! and i like your sunglasses.
    i do not like dirty hippies. i'm happy chad bathes.

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