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no way jose.

By 4/02/2008

i suppose you were all up to date on anthropologie carrying wall paper. well i wasn't. thanks for the include.

anyways, i can't imagine how happy putting this wallpaper in our closet would make me.

however, i can imagine brian's reaction to my suggesting wallpaper for a room in our house. it would be similar to me proposing to eat his face off, starting with his nose.

i just don't think we're ready for wallpaper.


  1. but it's a closet! It's the perfect space to negotiate for some wallpaper! Isn't love about sacrifices???

  2. i'm faced with the same issue...as much as i adore it, my hubby just isn't feeling the wallpaper thing

  3. so i randomly stumbled across your blog and it's adorable.

    and in the height of wallpaper frenzy, you're the only one who's picked out the paper that i ended up hanging in my kitchen! just thought you might wanna see...


    my boyfriend ended up loving it-- i bet your husband would change his mind!